How Much Caffeine In McDonald’s Iced Coffee? | You May Not Know

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If you’re an avid coffee drinker, then it’s likely that McDonald’s iced coffee has caught your eye recently. Whether you opt for the classic brew or something more exciting like a Mocha Frappé, you might have wondered how much caffeine is in each delicious cup. While there isn’t one definitive answer to this question as many factors come into play (such as different sizes and flavors of each variety) if you want to get an idea of what’s in store when ordering from the popular fast-food chain, read on!

To help keep track and ensure that your daily consumption remains safe, we’ve researched how much caffeine is in McDonald’s iced coffee beverages – so read on to find out more!

How Much Caffeine In McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Depending on the size and flavor of your order, the amount of caffeine in McDonald’s iced coffee can vary. According to our experiment and research, McDonald’s iced coffee has three sizes to choose from – small, medium, and large. For instance, a small iced coffee contains 90 mg of caffeine, while a medium iced coffee contains 140 mg. A large iced coffee comes with 200 mg of caffeine.

 Size   Capacity   Level Of Caffeine 
Small 250ml (8.12 fl oz) 90 ml
Medium 400 ml (13.5 fl oz) 140 mg
Large 500 ml (17 fl oz) 200 mg

Small Size

At McDonald’s, the standard size of a drink is typically 250 ml (8.12 fl oz), providing the perfect refreshment. The small iced coffee is a delightful option for those needing a caffeine boost, containing 90 mg of caffeine and 140 calories to start your day off right.

This size suits those who need a quick pick-me-up but don’t want too much of an energy kick.

Medium Size

The medium size, with its generous capacity of 400 ml (13.5 fl oz), is perfect for those seeking to add a delightful twist to their daily routine. This refreshing medium iced coffee provides a caffeine kick of 140 mg and offers a wide range of captivating flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. The calories remain a bit higher than the small size, at 190 cal. This perfectly balanced and refreshing beverage will elevate your coffee experience.

When you need a little extra energy boost but want to avoid the jitters of too much caffeine, this size is the perfect choice. It offers the right amount of vitality to keep you going without overwhelming your system.

Large Size

The large McDonald’s Iced Coffee is a refreshing and energizing beverage that comes in a whopping 500 ml (17 fl oz) size. It packs a powerful punch with approximately 200 mg of caffeine, providing that extra kick you may need to stay alert and focused throughout the day. This size of iced coffee offers a slightly higher calorie content than the medium size, totaling 260 calories.

This size is perfect for those who need a strong energy boost to power through their day with unmatched energy and vitality.

What Are The Ingredients In Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee
Get Your Morning Started With A Cup Of Iced Coffee

Premium Roasted Coffee

The base of every refreshing and energizing McDonald’s Iced Coffee is the high quality, freshly brewed premium roasted coffee. This is 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from the best suppliers, ensuring a smooth and flavorful cup of iced coffee.

The Arabica beans provide a unique flavor profile, full of nutty and caramel-like notes that make the iced coffee irresistible.

Light Cream

McDonald’s Iced Coffee is also made with a touch of light cream. This adds an extra layer of richness and sweetness, creating a perfectly balanced beverage that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. The light cream also helps to further bring out the nutty and caramel-like notes from the premium roasted coffee beans.

Sugar Liquid

The iced coffee is finished off with a generous portion of sugar liquid sweetener. This adds the perfect sweetness to the coffee, allowing you to enjoy every sip of this delicious and energizing beverage. The sugar-liquid sweetener also helps to balance out any bitter notes from the premium roasted coffee beans, creating a perfectly harmonious cup of iced coffee.


McDonald’s Iced Coffee is topped off with a generous amount of ice. The ice helps keep the iced coffee cold and refreshing, allowing you to enjoy it longer without worrying about it getting too warm. The addition of ice also adds an extra layer of texture and complexity to the beverage, making it even more enjoyable.

How Many Flavor Options Can You Find With Iced Coffee At McDonald’s?

McDonald’s offers a delightful array of flavors for their refreshing iced coffee drinks. From the classic coffee blend to luscious latte, creamy vanilla, indulgent mocha, and much more, a flavor suits every coffee lover’s palate.

For instance, the Iced Caramel Mocha is a delectable concoction that combines sweet caramel and rich chocolate, creating a heavenly symphony of flavors that will truly delight your taste buds. The Vanilla Iced Coffee, on the other hand, is a beloved choice amongst coffee enthusiasts, thanks to its smooth sweetness and velvety creaminess that make every sip a delightful treat for the senses. These irresistible beverages will satisfy even the most discerning coffee lovers, providing a lovely pick-me-up for any time of the day.

The level of caffeine in each iced coffee beverage will vary depending on the size of your cup and the flavor you choose. For instance, Caramel Mocha Iced Coffee has the amount of caffeine equivalent to approximately two espresso shots, about 120-150mg of caffeine, while smaller sizes may be lower. So, depending on the size you choose and your desired level of caffeine intake, you can select a flavor that suits your preferences.

Does Iced Coffee At McDonald’s Have Higher Caffeine Content Than Other Coffee Beverages?

The Tall size (12 fl oz) of iced coffee at Starbucks contains 95 mg of caffeine, which is slightly lower than the amount present in a medium cup (13.5 fl oz) of McDonald’s iced coffee. The caffeine content in Starbucks iced coffee is carefully measured to provide a balanced and energizing experience. At the same time, McDonald’s offers a slightly stronger kick for those seeking an extra boost to start their day. Both options cater to different preferences and allow coffee enthusiasts to choose the perfect caffeine level to suit their taste and needs.

Why Should You Choose The Iced Coffee At McDonald’s?

Why Should You Choose McDonald’s Coffee
McDonald’s Coffee Is Tasty And Cost-Saving

The iced coffee at McDonald’s is a great option for those looking for an energizing beverage that provides a little extra kick. The smooth and creamy flavors McDonald’s offers will surely delight your taste buds, while the higher level of caffeine will provide the energy you need to get through your day.

Furthermore, Macdonald’s offers a wide range of flavors, so you can pick and mix different combinations to enjoy something new each time. Plus, with convenient locations and drive-throughs across the U.S., you can easily get your fix on the go! McDonald’s Iced Coffee is ideal for an energizing beverage that tastes great and doesn’t break the bank.


How much caffeine in McDonald’s iced coffee depends on the size you order and can range from 90 mg to 200 mg per cup. This makes Mcdonald’s iced coffee an excellent option for those looking for an energizing beverage with higher caffeine content than other coffee beverages. The wide selection of flavors Macdonald’s offers ensures that everyone will find something they love, while the convenient locations make it easy to get your caffeine fix anytime.


Which McDonald’s Iced Coffee Has The Most Caffeine?

The original Macdonald’s Iced Coffee has the most caffeine, with 200 mg per cup with the large size. The other flavors contain significantly less caffeine, with the Mocha and Vanilla variants having 90 mg per cup for a large size.

Is McDonald’s Iced Coffee Vegan?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee is not vegan due to the use of dairy in their ingredients. However, you can ask for an alternative milk like soy or almond milk for your iced coffee. Additionally, the Frappe range of beverages is vegan-friendly.

How Much Does McDonald’s Iced Coffee Cost?

The cost of McDonald’s Iced Coffee depends on the size you choose and can range from $2 to around $4. You can check out their menu to find out more about the prices. Additionally, McDonald’s offers value-for-money deals and discounts, so watch for those!

Does McDonald’s Iced Coffee Have Sugar?

Yes, McDonald’s Iced Coffee contains sugar. The amount of sugar varies depending on the size and flavor you choose, but a large original iced coffee contains 17g of sugar per cup. You can ask for reduced sweeteners to reduce your sugar intake. However, it’s important to note that the unsweetened option still contains natural sugar from the milk. You can also learn more about nutrition facts and ingredients for each flavor on their website.

Can You Get Black Iced Coffee at McDonald’s?

Yes, you can get black iced coffee at McDonald’s. The black coffee variant is an unsweetened, non-dairy alternative with no additional flavorings. It contains zero sugar and the same caffeine as a regular iced coffee, making it an excellent choice for those looking to get their caffeine fix without any extras! Additionally, it can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference.

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