Discover Liberica Coffee | The Smooth, Clean Coffee Roaster

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Liberica Coffee offers the perfect combination of smooth, robust flavors and clean roasting techniques. Discover why this unique specialty roast is one of the most sought-after coffees on the market today! Through its artisanal process, every finely textured bean provides an intense flavor profile that leaves you wanting more. It’s no wonder Liberica has become a favorite among baristas, coffee connoisseurs, and those who demand richly flavored beverages.

You are sure to appreciate the freshness and depth of each cup, with notes of bright acidity and full-bodied richness balanced perfectly in each sip. Learn more about how this exquisite coffee variety can invigorate your senses as we dive into the history behind this delicious brew.

What Is Liberica Coffee?

Liberica Coffee Fruit
Liberica Coffee Fruit

Liberica coffee is a rare type of specialty coffee that is known for its distinctive, large beans and rich, bold flavor. It originated in Liberia, Africa, but is primarily grown in Southeast Asia today. This unique variety only accounts for less than 2% of the world’s coffee production, making it quite elusive to find.


Liberica coffee was first discovered in Liberia, West Africa, during the 1800s. It was then introduced to Southeast Asia by Spanish colonists and quickly became a popular crop in the Philippines, where it is still primarily grown today. Despite its popularity in the region, Liberica coffee has gained widespread recognition than other varieties, such as Arabica or Robusta.

Due to the demand for other coffee varieties, such as Arabica and Robusta, Liberica production declined in the early 20th century. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in this specialty coffee due to its unique taste and potential for sustainable farming practices. Today, small farmers in Southeast Asia are working hard to revive the production of Liberica coffee and bring it back to its former glory.

Beans Shape and Flavor Profile

One of the most distinctive features of Liberica coffee is its large, asymmetric beans. These beans are almost double in size compared to other coffee varieties, making it easily recognizable. They have a unique shape with a curved side and a flat side, which contributes to their distinct flavor profile.

Liberica coffee is known for its bold, full-bodied taste with notes of fruit and floral flavors. It has a bright acidity that balances out its rich, full texture, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a strong cup of coffee. The clean finish leaves behind a refreshing aftertaste that makes Liberica coffee stand out from other varieties.

Cultivation Level

Liberica coffee is primarily grown in the Philippines. However, due to its rarity and low production levels, it has not been able to reach a global audience like other varieties of coffee. This limited cultivation also contributes to the exclusivity and demand for Liberica coffee.

Small farmers in Southeast Asia are working hard to revive the production of Liberica coffee by implementing sustainable farming practices. This not only helps in preserving the unique flavor of Liberica but also supports local communities and promotes environmentally friendly practices.

Caffeine Level

The caffeine level in Liberica coffee is lower than other varieties, such as Robusta or Arabica. This makes it a great option for those who are sensitive to caffeine but still want to enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee.

100 g of Liberica beans contains approximately 1.23 g of caffeine, making it a moderate-level coffee compared to other high-caffeine varieties. This lower caffeine content also contributes to the smooth and clean finish in each cup.

Brewing Method

Liberica coffee is best brewed using the pour-over method to bring out its unique flavors. The process involves pouring hot water over a filter containing ground Liberica beans, allowing it to drip into a cup slowly. This method helps in extracting the full flavor and aroma of the coffee.

Alternatively, Liberica can also be enjoyed as an espresso or cold brew for a more intense and concentrated flavor.

Where to Find

Due to its limited production, Liberica coffee can be challenging to find. However, some specialty coffee shops and online retailers may carry this unique roast. Make sure to check the label for “Liberica” or look for beans with a distinct shape, as mentioned earlier.

You can also try visiting Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, Malaysia, or Indonesia, to experience Liberica coffee at its source and support local farmers.

How To Enjoy Liberica Coffee?

To fully appreciate the rich and bold flavors of Liberica coffee, it is best enjoyed in black or with a touch of cream to enhance its natural sweetness. Avoid adding sugar, as it may overpower the delicate notes of this specialty roast.

You can also experiment with different brewing methods and recipes to find your perfect cup of Liberica coffee. Some popular options include adding spices like cinnamon or cardamom for a unique twist or using Liberica as the base for an indulgent coffee-based cocktail.

What Are The Differences Between Liberica Coffee And Other Coffee Beans?

Liberica Coffee Beans
Liberica Coffee Beans Are Bigger Than Other Coffee Beans

Liberica coffee stands out from other varieties of coffee in several ways. Here are some key differences between Liberica and different popular types such as Arabica And Robusta

Arabica vs Liberica

Arabica is the most commonly consumed type of coffee, accounting for over 60% of global production. Renowned for its mild and delicate flavor profile with low levels of caffeine, Arabica beans are cherished by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Grown in diverse climates, from the high altitudes of Latin America to the lush plantations of Africa, Arabica coffee embodies a rich history and a sensory delight for discerning palates.

In contrast, Liberica beans, with their larger size and distinctive bold flavors, offer a captivating alternative. Cultivated primarily in Southeast Asia, Liberica coffee carries a unique charm, fascinating coffee connoisseurs with its robust and full-bodied taste. The rareness and exotic appeal of Liberica beans add a touch of intrigue to the world of coffee, showcasing the diverse range of flavors that nature has to offer.

The taste of Liberica is also different from Arabica, with a more intense and bolder flavor profile. This makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer their coffee to have a strong kick.

Robusta vs Liberica

Robusta coffee is the second most popular type of coffee, known for its high caffeine levels and bold, intense flavor profile. Grown primarily in Africa and Asia, Robusta beans are often used in blended coffees to enhance their strength and body.

In contrast, Liberica beans have a lower caffeine content and a more distinct taste compared to Robusta. While both varieties offer a bold flavor profile, Liberica stands out with its unique shape and rareness, making it a more exclusive choice for coffee drinkers.

Overall, Liberica coffee offers a one-of-a-kind taste experience that sets it apart from other varieties of coffee. Whether you are an avid coffee lover or looking to expand your palate, Liberica coffee is definitely worth trying for its unique flavors and limited availability.

Are The Liberia Beans Expensive?

Due to its limited cultivation and exclusivity, Liberica coffee tends to be more expensive than other varieties of coffee. The rareness and unique flavors of this roast contribute to its higher price point. The process of producing Liberica beans can also be more labor-intensive compared to other types of coffee, further driving up its cost. On average, Liberica beans can cost around $30 to $40 per pound, making it a luxury item for coffee enthusiasts.

However, for those who appreciate fine and specialty coffees, the unique taste of Liberica is worth the price. It also supports small-scale farmers and promotes sustainable farming practices, making it a meaningful choice for coffee lovers.

The Benefit Of Liberia Beans

Apart from its rare and distinct taste, Liberica coffee has several benefits that make it a popular choice among coffee aficionados.

Supporting Local Farmers

Liberica beans are primarily grown in Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. By purchasing Liberica coffee, you are supporting small-scale farmers and their communities who rely on this crop for their livelihood. This promotes sustainable farming practices and helps to preserve the cultural heritage and traditions of these regions.

Potent Antioxidant Properties

Liberica coffee also contains potent antioxidant properties that help protect the body against oxidative stress. These antioxidants have been linked to various health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving brain function, and protecting against chronic diseases.

Low Caffeine Content

While coffee is often associated with high caffeine levels, Liberica beans offer a unique advantage with their naturally lower caffeine content compared to other varieties. This makes Liberica an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who are sensitive to caffeine but still want to savor the rich flavors of a delicious cup of coffee. Furthermore, the lower caffeine levels in Liberica make it a suitable option for indulging in a late afternoon or evening coffee without the concern of disrupting a good night’s sleep. With its distinct characteristics, Liberica brings a delightful balance of taste and caffeine content, providing a satisfying coffee experience for all.


Liberica coffee is a rare and exotic gem in the world of coffee, offering a unique taste experience that sets it apart from other varieties. From its bold flavors and limited availability to its various health benefits and support for local farmers, Liberica beans bring a well-rounded and satisfying cup of coffee for all to enjoy. So why not treat yourself to some Liberica coffee today and indulge in the robust and indulgent flavors that this rare bean has to offer? So, don’t wait any longer and try Liberica coffee for a truly unique and delightful coffee experience.


Can You Make Espresso With Libericacoffee Beans?

Yes, you can make espresso with Liberica coffee beans. However, the taste and flavor profile may differ from those of other types of coffee beans. The bold flavors and lower caffeine content of Liberica beans may result in a unique and distinctive espresso experience.

Are Liberica Coffee Beans an Ideal Choice for Blending?

Liberica coffee beans can be used for blending with other types of coffee beans to enhance their flavors and body. However, due to the rarity and exclusivity of Liberica beans, they are often enjoyed as a single-origin coffee to appreciate their unique taste fully.

Is Liberica Coffee More Expensive than Other Types of Coffee?

Yes, Liberica coffee tends to be more expensive than other varieties of coffee due to its limited cultivation and rareness. However, the unique flavors and support for local farmers make it a worthwhile investment for coffee connoisseurs. So, treat yourself to some Liberica coffee today and experience the richness and distinctiveness of this exceptional bean.

Is Liberica Coffee Good for Health?

Liberica coffee contains antioxidants that offer various health benefits, including reducing inflammation and protecting against chronic diseases. Additionally, its lower caffeine content makes it a suitable option for those sensitive to caffeine but still want to enjoy the flavors of a good cup of coffee. As with any food or beverage, moderation is key in reaping the health benefits of Liberica coffee.

How To Brew Liberica Coffee?

You can brew Liberica coffee using a variety of methods, including pour-over, French press, or even a traditional drip machine. The key is to use freshly ground beans and adjust the brewing time according to your preferred strength. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect brewing method for your taste buds! Remember to always start with quality beans for the best cup of Liberica coffee.

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